Steel Letters and Numbers


Steel Letters and Numbers 00105
Signature Organic Decor
Price : 115 USDIn stock

Our letters are manufactured of 100% pure steel and fabricated to be smooth and clean! Each letter weighs between 30-50lbs, making them extremely versatile for outdoor or indoor use.

Letter & Number Balloon Filling Pricing

All letters, numbers, and special shapes cost $115, which includes being filled with balloons. If you'd like to rent just the letter without balloons the cost is $50 per letter. The letter-only option is not available online, so if you'd like it please give us a call at 317-762-8008.

FAQ - Do you have all letters and numbers?

Yes, we have all numbers and letters, as well as a Hashtag (#), Heart, and Star

FAQ - How long is the rental?
Prices are for a 72 hour rental. Please let us know if you need them for a longer period of time.

Delivery Price:
No matter the size of your order, the delivery price is just $50 anywhere in Indianapolis.

If you’re located farther away, it’s just one dollar more per mile from our studio (5422 Millersville Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46226) so Anderson is about $75, Fort Wayne is about $160, etc. If you’d prefer to save money, click “Pick up from studio” at checkout and you can schedule a time to pick it up. Of course, these letters do require a large enough vehicle to transport them, so most clients choose to have us deliver them.

These letters are reusable and must be returned to our studio shortly after your event. You can return them to our studio at 5422 Millersville Rd. or choose the “teardown” option at checkout.

What steel letters/numbers/shapes would you like? Special shapes available are Hashtag, Heart, and Star.
Quantity (must correspond to the amount of letters/numbers entered above)
What colors of balloons would you like? We have 40 colors in stock, so you can be specific, like “navy blue, lime green and neon orange”. Also let us know if you’d like a random mixture or specific colors for specific letters/numbers.
Steel Letters and Numbers
Steel Letters and Numbers
Steel Letters and Numbers
Steel Letters and Numbers
Steel Letters and Numbers
Steel Letters and Numbers
Steel Letters and Numbers
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