Brian GetzCo-owner

Brian started twisting balloon animals as a freshman in college. His sister got him a kit for Christmas and he fell in love with the art form. What started as a hobby soon became a job entertaining at a local restaurant as he worked his way through college. After college, this job became a career and Brian invested the time and energy to become Indiana’s premier balloon entertainer.

In 2014, Brian added balloon décor to his repertoire, focusing primarily on classic décor like arches and columns. In 2015, he achieved a lifelong goal by breaking the Guinness World Record for Largest Modelling Balloon Animal by a team. A year later, he married a fellow balloon artist, Christina in a balloon wedding ceremony.

In 2020, Brian and Christina purchased Banzi Balloons from Tyler and Stephanie Shives and became Indiana’s largest provider of balloon entertainment, classic décor and organic balloon décor.

Brian enjoys teaching others how to make balloons, and has lectured at several regional and international balloon conferences. He has published 3 DVDs and is working on more. He’s now made balloons in 48 states and 14 countries. When he isn’t traveling or planning huge sculptures, he enjoys relaxing with friends, playing board games, Dungeons and Dragons, landscaping and woodworking.

Christina GetzCo-owner

Christina was introduced to balloon twisting through the Fellowship of Christian Magicians conference, which is where she met Brian. She began attending with her grandfather, a magician, when she was a kid, but was never that interested in magic. As soon as her parents let her, she began attending balloon and face painting classes and eventually became skilled at both.

After marrying Brian in a balloon wedding (while wearing a balloon wedding dress) she began working full-time in balloon entertainment and décor. She worked with Brian to renovate a 100 year old general store into a home and balloon studio where she has honed her craft. Her willingness to try new things and attention to detail make her the ideal production manager.

When she’s not twisting balloons, she enjoys face-painting, playing games, cuddling with our 4 cats and 2 dogs, hanging out with friends, and planning next year’s Halloween decorations.

Our Studio

We’ve renovated a 100 year old general store into a beautiful studio space next to Fall Creek near 56th and Emerson Ave in Indianapolis and moved from our downtown location. We now feature 1500 square feet of studio space with over 200,000 balloons in stock, the largest selection of foil balloons in Indiana, and ample space to prepare for any size event. Best of all, we built our home on the second story so our daily commute is just walking downstairs. We love meeting with clients, arranging pick-ups and creating orders on the fly, but keep in mind that we aren’t a traditional retail store with set hours. We’re open by appointment only, so just give us a call before you swing by to make sure we’re not out on a delivery. If we’re around we’re always ready to help you pick out the perfect balloons for your event.

Our History


Brian Getz starts “Brian’s Balloons” out of his college dorm room, working his way through college.


Brian adds classic balloon décor to his repertoire and leads his team to make the world’s largest balloon sculpture, an 88 foot dragonfly.


Banzi Balloons starts working with national brands, such as Salesforce, Nordstrom, Pandora and more!


Banzi Balloons launches the first ever confetti balloon, featuring it on the Today Show on NBC.


Brian and Christina get married in a balloon wedding. She wears a balloon dress with a balloon bouquet. They change the name “Brian’s Balloons” to “Pretty Funny Balloons,” since she’s pretty and he’s funny.


Brian and Christina purchase Banzi Balloons from founders Tyler and Stephanie Shives and continue to innovate, leading the Indy market in classic décor, organic décor and balloon entertainment.
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